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What is the World Agility Forum?

​The World Agility Forum is a unique conference that re-imagines management for the digital age. 
​It focuses on the radical change in management needed to succeed in using digital technology. The conference showcases firms worth around ten trillion dollars that are managed radically differently and growing faster than other firms. 
​The event is for those who want to be part of the future and escape the prison of the past. It's not just about digital technology, but also a change in mindset and reimagining every aspect of management. 
​The transition typically takes large organizations five to ten years, and this conference is the only one that puts all the pieces together in a coherent whole.

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​This day showcases notable special guests who are reimagining management in their contexts and leading the way towards a better future. It's an opportunity to be inspired, learn from experts in the field, and join the movement towards a more agile and effective way of managing organizations.
On the second day, we will be having a Masterclass



​This day is to explore the disconnect between principles and practices in creating excellent workplaces. Our expert speakers will examine team problems related to key factors like Psychology Safety, Leadership, Neuroscience, and Communication Skills. Gain valuable insights and tools to create a more positive and productive workplace.


On day three we're diving deep into the best practices for Technical Agility, Business Agility, and Agile Across Organizations.
Get yourself ready and learn to code without bugs with expert tips and tricks in the Technical Agility track. Take the first steps towards an agile organization in the Business Agility track and learn how to start right away. 


 It's time to reimagine Management.

Industrial-era management is largely obsolete.  Most of what is practised or assumed in industrial-era management in large organizations needs to be re-examined for relevance in the digital age; the most important elements have to change. Firms that aren’t adapting are dying, first slowly, and then suddenly.

Steve Denning - A uthor, Co-creator of the World Agility Forum, Forbes Senior Contributor

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3 Tracks on Day 3: Reimagining Agile

Zero bugs. Is it Possible?

Technical Agility Track

Learn about how to develop software without any bugs from some of the masterminds behind the Agile Manifesto.

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Business Agility Track

Let's examine the different endeavors of Business Agility and where your organization can start, the very next day.

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Agile Across Organizations Track

Learn how to expand your agility efforts with your business partners, creating agility together.

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This year's Guest Speakers 

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Check out WAF '22

The 8th Edition of the World Agility Forum brought 4 days a group of agile thought leaders and hundreds of participants to Lisbon

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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced in 2017. It has been given to broadly accomplished Agilists every year since. 

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Meet the Fortnight Group

Focused on business leadership. Behind the Forum is our "Fortnight Group", comprised of business leaders and executives who clearly see the challenges and vast opportunities for growth in our current dynamic business climate.

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"It was the best agile conference I have been to. I love the format. The Experience Agile team did a fantastic job. Thank you all for all the hard work you put in. It paid off to make this a wonderful experience."
Ron Quartel  • Creator of FAST Agile

All the speakers  provided extremely valuable insights into the requirement for agile thinking  in our modern, challenging work environments,  others provided examples  of  how agile thinking has made significant impacts  on such environments - and how it  positively impacts the lives of those working there  - while others shared extraordinary possibilities for the future using this approach, regardless of industry.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet other thinkers , speak to your community, and  envision a world where we all flourish using agile thinking .

Delia McGabe  • Neuroscientist, Researcher and Speaker




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