Day 1: Reimagining Management - Masterclass                          

A step closer for a Management that can adapt to
everchanging Customer needs

This masterclass will provide fresh insights and equip attendees with practical tools. 
with Steve Denning and Miriam Schwarz

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Join Steve Denning, Miriam Schwarz and a group of practitioners and dive deep in the world of Management in the Digital Age 

Reimagining Management for the Digital Age

with Steve Denning and Miriam Schwarz

 10 AM

This interactive masterclass addresses the central management question facing organizations today: What does it take to reimagine and implement management that is fit for the radically changing demands of the digital age? How can we elevate the human spirit in the workplace while effectively pursuing both business and social goals?

By the end of this workshop, you will have a deeper understanding of the practical applications of AI in transforming management practices in advanced workplaces. Moreover, you will have acquired practical tools and insights to upgrade your own managerial mindsets and practices in order to achieve your goals within your organization or team.

Steve Denning
Published Author and Writer at

Miriam Schwarz
Senior VP Enterprise Agility Center of Excellence, Bank of the West and Chair of the SDLC

What will you learn?

During this masterclass, you will:

  • Learn how the most successful firms are replacing slow-moving top-down command and control structures and processes with innovative approaches that foster agility, rapid innovation, engaging workplaces, and customer delight.
  • Understand the transformative power of customer-driven management and learn why it outperforms most other management options.
  • Gain detailed insights into the mindsets and processes of customer-driven management, which differ significantly from those of industrial-era organizations.
  • Explore real-life case studies featuring leading organizations such as Amazon, Apple, GE, GEA, Haier, IBM, JP Morgan, Michelin, Microsoft, Novartis, Siemens, and SRI International.
  • Learn how Tesla has implemented a radical new management pattern that enables exponential innovation.

Unique Features

This masterclass offers unique features that enhance the learning experience, including:

  • Precise definitions of the mindsets and processes of digital-age management in comparison to industrial-era management.
  • Diagnostic tools to assess the current status and progress of implementing digital-age management at different organizational levels.
  • The capability to make meaningful comparisons between different parts of an organization and track progress over time.
  • The use of real-life case studies to illustrate concepts and inspire practical application.
  • An deep dive into Tesla’s radical new management practices.

What will you explore?

This masterclass resolves several current puzzles about management, including:

  • Why does the discipline of management struggle to advance?
  • Why is there no consensus among experts on what "management" truly means?
  • What is required to create consistently engaging, uplifting, and productive workplaces? Why are today’s workforces generally so disengaged?
  • Why do organizations cling to obsolete mindsets and practices?
  • Why do organizations have such difficulty in implementing necessary changes?
  • Why do most change efforts and digital transformations fail?
  • Why don’t firms fail to emulate organizations that have succeeded
  • What role does AI play in the digital workplace?

By solving these puzzles, the masterclass paves the way for you and your organization or team to operate more efficiently, attract and mobilize resources, enable talent effectively, win over customers, all the while prioritizing ethical conduct and meeting social and environmental goals.

If you are Senior or Mid-level Executive, an Entrepreneur and an Agilist, this masterclass is for you! I

Join us for this Masterclass that will change your business!

On September 23rd join us at the World Agility Forum in Lisbon