Have you ever thought of a world where primacy is given to the customer instead of being all about the money? 


The World Agility Forum September 22-26 is a unique conference dedicated to understanding how management itself is being re-imagined and how digital transformation is changing everything. The brute fact is that many of the principles and processes driving the actions of the most successful firms in the world today are almost the opposite of those that were practiced in industrial-era corporations and are still practiced in many large firms today. In effect, what used to work, often doesn’t anymore. The complexity and the pace of change in the digital age have made industrial-era management practices obsolete.

The re-imagination of management is taking place under various labels including:

Customer capitalism

Steve Denning

Zero-distance to the customer

The Haier Group

The Experience Economy

Joseph Pine

Doing Agile Right

Darrell Rigby

The Permissionless Organization

Rita McGrath

The Value-Creating Organization

Curt Carlson

Management 2.0

Richard Straub

Smart, Green Growth

Carlota Perez

Reimagining Management is a Journey

Leaders themselves will have to change

As they realize that the organization must up its own game to cope with the fast-changing marketplace, the move for change increasingly comes from the top.

As a result, working on improving pieces of management doesn’t work: you have to change the whole system.  This is not easy!

To answer these questions they need a map or a diagnostic tool: check this article for more about the goal of our event

And the three key questions are

  1. Where are you?
  2. Where do you want to go?
  3. How are you going to get there?

Traditional management has no clear answer to #1 or #2. 

As a result, they have no clear way to answer #3.

It's about Human Science

It's about Human Factors

Join us and make your company a better place.

The question shifts from “Why do we have to change?” to: “Why can’t we have what they’re having?”
Top managers increasingly realize that success not only needs a fundamentally different way of managing: some are starting to see that  they too will have to change . Within many large organizations, fruitful discussions are occurring. There are often significant islands of change advocates. For some, the shift is non-negotiable. If the firm won’t support change, the best talent goes elsewhere.

There is increasing recognition that the new way of running organizations is more than a set of tools. 
It’s about conveying meaning that reveals our deepest values, our very core, as human beings. It entails a different state of mind that starts with a change of heart.

Discussions within firms tend to proceed slowly, as this is a massive re-imagining of the traditional principles of management. The changes cut deep. Yet anecdotal evidence suggests that leaders who are succeeding discover that it gives them the chance to live and lead with satisfaction and even joy in their work. They think and feel differently about their organization and their lives.

Thus, the new way of getting things done is a transformative idea . Like all transformative ideas, it creates a way of evaluating other ideas. It offers a way out of many practical, financial, economic, social, political, and ethical dilemmas of our time. It establishes criteria by which goals can be set and progress measured. Instead of offering a jigsaw puzzle of little fixes, it provides a broad theory of how organizations—and society—can function for the better.

It is also the fact that the processes of traditional management work like a immune system of the human body
If you make a change (improvement) in one process, e.g. HR, then the other processes of the firm (eg budget, strategy, finance) will kick in and say “that’s not how we do things around here” and so the change is likely to be hampered or blocked. 

2023 Confirmed Guests

Jon Kern

Agile Wrangler Consultant at Adaptavist, co-author Agile Manifesto.

Delia McCabe

Neuroscientist, Author, Researcher, and Speaker on Neuroscience, Psychology & Nutrition

Chet Hendrickson

Computer Software Consultant and First signatory of the Agile Manifesto

Sonja Blignaut

Founder of More Beyond. Trainer in the Fields of Complexity & Cynefin framework, Speaker

Evan Leybourn

Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute

Mirko Kleiner

Lean-Agile Procurement, Speaker, President of LAP Alliance

James Shore

Agile Consultant and Coach; author of The Art of Agile Development; co-creator of Agile Fluency® Model

Karen Kemerling

Founder of K2 | Leadership Developement. Leadership & Organizational Development Coach

Mikkel Noe-Nygaard

Co-creator of Comic Agilé; Cartoonist and Speaker

Luxshan Ratnaravi

Co-creator of Comic Agilé; Enterprise Agile Coach & Speaker

GeePaw Hill

Master Software Development Coach, Extreme Programming (XP) expert

Bryan Beecham

Agile Technical Coach, Consultant & International Speaker

Avi Schneier

Principal Consultant, Agile Transformations; Registered Scrum Trainer; Board Member at Scrum Inc. Japan

Hugo Lourenço

Founder of eXperience Agile, Agile Human Factors and The Agile Thinkers, Speaker, Coach

And many more to be confirmed!

Agenda ​


22nd Sep - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM 

23rd Sep - 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Let's meet our Special Guests and the Fortnight Group Members!

Changing increasingly comes from the top, as it transcends blueprints or frameworks by exploring a different mindset that enables success in the Digital Age. Top managers increasingly realize that success needs a fundamentally different way of managing, and some are starting to see that they, too, will have to change. The first day of the World Agility Forum will showcase the passion and mindset of special guest executives that are reimagining management and the status quo. A masterclass follows it, Masterclass On Reimagining Management, led by Steve Denning and colleagues. The masterclass will explore the multiple facets of reimagining management

The Lifetime Achievement Award is also going to be attributed to a outstanding Agilist.


25th Sep - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Over the last hundred years, many great thinkers have written and spoken about creating great workplaces. However, today, relatively few large organizations are implementing these insights across their entire organization. On the second day, the World Agility Forum will explore why the notable findings of the last century are not more widely implemented. It will examine the cause of the disconnect between the principles that are professed and the principles that are practiced, bringing to the table different team problems and solving opportunities.

With Delia McCabe, Bob Galen, and many other guests!


26th Sep - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Bringing the “better ways” of working that were brought by the Agile Manifesto to the management of entire organizations has rarely been successful. Despite 20 years of effort, the Age of Agile is yet to arrive. On day three, The World Agility Forum confronts that although Agile at its best was brilliant in software development, at its worst, it created the Agile industry’s commercialized practices, often the antitheses of everything that the Agile Manifesto stood for. The World Agility Forum will examine these flaws and see how they can be remedied, thus contributing to the reimagination of management itself

With Chet Hendrickson, Mirko Kleiner, Evan Leybourn and many other guests!

Agile Across Organizations

With Mirko Kleiner, Avi Scheiner and Hugo Lourenço!

Business Agility

With Evan Leybourn, Lukshan Ratnaravi and Mikkel Noe-Nygaard!

Technical Agility

With Chet Hendrickson, Jon Kern and James Shore!

Powerfull insights about our Way of Working, Way of Thinking 

We also need to recognize that Agile itself has a lot of baggage that needs to dealt with

  What people are saying about us: 


The name eXperience Agile uses the right word in the title! A wonderfully exciting and immersive experience, supported by a very experienced team who catered equally to the needs of the participants and speakers with practised ease. All the speakers provided extremely valuable insights into the requirement for agile thinking in our modern, challenging work environments, others provided examples of how agile thinking has made significant impacts on such environments - and how it positively impacts the lives of those working there - while others shared extraordinary possibilities for the future using this approach, regardless of industry. Thank you for the opportunity to meet other thinkers, to speak to your community, and to envision a world where we all flourish using agile thinking. Thank you to the organisers, eXperience Agile (XA) for this extraordinary event! 


"It was the best agile conference I have been to. I love the format.
The Experience Agile team did a fantastic job. Thank you all for all the hard work you put in. It paid off to make this a wonderful experience."



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