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Value Creation

 June 20th 

 5h00 PM - Lisbon

​ 12h00 PM - New York

​ 9h00 AM - Los Angeles

The purpose of all firms is to create value for customers. As all of us in the World Management Agility Forum forum collaboratively pursue the goal of reimagining management, we must specifically include the reimagining of value creation. This will include - but not be limited to - fully embracing the implications of understanding value as subjective. Value is created in the customer experience, not in the production or distribution process. How can businesses translate this understanding into the management and operation of the firm? This webinar explores the business implications of a new understanding of value, the powerful business tool of empathy, how customer needs drive innovation, the discovery of what really matters to customers, and the revised mental models required for business success in the new value ecosystem.

with Hunter Hastings, Curt Carlson, Mark Packard and Chris Valle

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