This isn't your typical management training.

Reimagining Management 
Towards Excellence

 June 6th 

 6h00 PM - Lisbon

​ 1h00 PM - New York

​ 10h00 AM - Los Angeles

Today's business landscape demands a new kind of leadership. Leaders must be ambidextrous, fostering both the efficiency of existing operations and the exploration of fresh opportunities. This adaptability, coupled with agile management practices, is the secret sauce of innovation giants like Amazon, Nvidia and Google. It ensures companies remain strong in their core business while being nimble enough to seize new possibilities.

This shift in leadership reflects a larger trend: the evolution of organizations themselves. As the world becomes more complex and technology advances rapidly, traditional hierarchical structures are giving way to decentralized and self-organizing models. In this fast-paced environment, continuous adaptation and innovation are essential for survival. This movement towards self-organization empowers employees, fosters collaboration, and allows companies to react swiftly to changing market demands.

with Annika Steiber, Mark Béliczky, Doug Kirkpatrick, Alvin Graylin, Stephenie Gloden and Birgitte Stjärne

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