This isn't your typical management training.

Playful Managers: 
The Secret to Workplace Innovation

 July 16th 

 3h00 PM - Lisbon

​ 10h00 AM - New York

​ 7h00 AM - Los Angeles

In this webinar, you will learn why playfulness is an essential element of today's management. It can boost engagement, performance, innovation, motivation, and collaboration in the workplace. Playfulness is a state of mind that allows people to approach their work with a spirit of curiosity, experimentation, and fun. 

Get to know how playfulness can help people achieve a state of flow, generate novel solutions, open their minds to new possibilities, as well as create a positive and safe environment where ideas can flourish. At the same time, we will explore where rules to the game might be necessary to ensure that everyone is having fun and what that means in terms of boundaries, feedback, and rewards of the playful activities.

Come learn with us how playfulness can become part of your working life.

with Steve Denning, Bradley Andrews, Klementine Klein and Heidi Musser

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