Leadership Agility

Awarded to an organization whose senior leadership team has embraced the Agile mindset and leads by example

Who should apply

Any organization

What we are looking for

Organizations where leaders, at all levels, exhibit an Agile mindset and create a psychologically safe and empowered workforce. Management across the organization must demonstrate key Agile capabilities by delegating outcomes, developing complementary skills in their staff, and developing emergent strategies in a VUCA marketplace.

Evidence required

  • Employee testimonials and feedback

  • Relevant OKRs or metrics related to the transformation

Find out the Winners from past Years

The World Agility Forum (WAF)® seeks to recognize organizations worldwide for their effort, commitment, accomplishments, and dedication to achieving Agility.

2021 Winner

Agile20 Reflect

Agile20Reflect is a not-for-profit organisation created in 2020. Setting out to create a worldwide festival.

2020 Winner

Pedro Machado , Head of IT, Banco BPI *

Pedro Machado, Head of IT, Banco BPI, has been an active driver of the Agile Mindset. He is a true servant leader, showcasing Agile leadership in today’s challenging environment, projecting Agility at every turn, and taking the entire organization along with him.

*Note: In previous years this was an individual award, not a company award.

2019 Winner

Anu is a Strategic thought leader with more than 2 decades of Exp in banking, technology, Leadership and Agile coaching. She has led large, complex initiatives using water fall and agile methodologies. Managed end to end delivery of multiple projects & programs including transformations, upgrades, migration, infra and mergers worth more than 10 MAUD, consisting of 100+ people across geographies by focusing on delivering quality products faster to the market.