Season Two - From Apr 13 to Jun 29, 2023
with Steve Denning, Miriam Schwarz, Hugo Lourenco

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This is not traditional management training. It offers no miracle cures. Its aim is to enable you to ask better questions in a rapidly changing world so that you can in time pursue and make more fruitful decisions.
Yes, you will hear stories from the past, and stories about the future. But these series are selling you nothing. It seeks to spark your own curiosity and your insight, and so that you can learn how to put your heart, your insights, and your spirit into your workplace, where you will spend the majority of your adult life.
What you get out of the series will depend on what you put into it. The context to be covered is big, different, and complex.
The series is an invitation to a journey into a new world — the world of digital a journey on which we are all on, to a greater or lesser extent, whether we want it or not. It is riddled with risk and rich in excitement. These series are aimed at helping you to survive and thrive.

Why do we need to re-imagine management ?
Industrial-era management is largely obsolete. Most of what is practiced or assumed in industrial-era management in large organizations needs to be re-examined for relevance in the digital age; the most important elements have to change. Firms that aren’t adapting are dying, first slowly, and then suddenly.
Steve Denning, author, Co-creator of the World Agility Forum, Forbes Senior Contributor 


What is offered is a coherent redefinition of the concept of management in the digital age. The sessions are not simply a piecemeal collection of unconnected components. The elements of digital age management, like industrial-era management, form a complex interactive system. It comprises an integrated set of mutually supporting elements. We can only understand each element if we understand all the other elements and the whole. Unless you attend all sessions, your learning will be incomplete.


Every Thursday at 11 AM EDT / 4 PM GMT+1 for twelve weeks, 

beginning April 13 through June 29, 2023

How long is each session?

40 minutes per session: 10 to 15min talk on the day’s topic, 

then 25-30 minutes Q&A.

Who's it for?

C-Suite positions: Upper and middle-level managers, entrepreneurs of all ages, and Agile leaders.

What's new in form?

Participants will use ChatGPT in order to expedite learning.

What are you learning ?


Apr 13th | Session 1 : Overview of reimagining management in the digital age

Apr 20th | Session 2 : Getting clear on the purpose of the firm : Starting with Why?

  • Instead of giving primacy to the maximizing shareholder value, the goal of the firm is to create value for customers , along with a business model that generates profits as a result.

Apr 27th | Session 3 : Structure of the Firm

May 4th | Session 4 :  Strategy


May 11th | Session 5 : Leadership

May 18th | Session 6 : Innovation

May 25th | Session 7 :  Sales & Marketing

Jun 1st | Session 8 :  Human Resources

Jun 8th | Session 9 :  Operations and Measurement

Jun 15th | Session 10 :  Budgeting

  • Instead of budgeting being a battle for resources among the silos, budgeting is  driven by strategy

Jun 22nd | Session 11 :  Values

  • Although values will be woven into every session, session #11 will put a special focus on the key cross cutting themes of empathy, collaboration, inclusion and environment.

June 29th | Session 12 : Wrapping it up, tying it all together

Minutes per session
Minutes Discussion    
Online Sessions

Get to know our Speakers

Steve Denning

Author, Co-creator of the World Agility Forum, Forbes Senior Contributor                            

Miriam Schwarz

Senior Vice President, Bank of Montreal, Board chair of the Learning Consortium

Hugo Lourenco

Co-Founder of World Agility Forum, and creator of Experience Agile, Agile Human Factors,  High-Performance Teaming Challenge, CEO of The Agile Thinkers

There will be more speakers to be announced from the World Agility Forum 2023 taking part on this series

Every Thursday at 11 AM EDT (New York Time ) / 4 PM GMT+1 (Lisbon Time) on Zoom
From April 13th until June 29th

Participants who attend all sessions will receive a certificate of attendance from the World Agility Forum®


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