Competitive Advantage via Lean-Agile Procurement (Credential 1)

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Includes Competitive Advantage via Lean-Agile Procurement (Credential 1) Course


What will you receive:

  • Attendee workbook
  • A Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1) certificate issued by the LAP Alliance
  • One-year membership in the LAP community
  • Access to exclusive Agile Thinkers Academy Digital library
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Slack community
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Certificate of Attendance

Attendees will receive the Certification Credential:

Passing the requirements of this course you'll become a "Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1)" issued by the LAP Alliance.

PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)

Attendees may be eligible to apply for PDU towards their continuing education requirements with PMI


Staying competitive was never as difficult as today!

We all need to improve how we find new internal & external partners, services and/or products. Because of the increasing market demand we have to radically improve time-to-market - DAYS/WEEKS from idea to contract will become the new NORMAL! - As Pete Behrens - Board member ScrumAlliance nailed it: We offer with "Lean-Agile Procurement a new approach, that reduces and distributes risk through incremental and value-added funding for improved business outcomes."-This offers new possibilities to agile teams/organizations and procurement/sales functions to keep up or even stay relevant for the business!

Source: LAP Alliance

After this workshop you'll...

  • have applied the Lean Procurement Canvas and run through the disruptive approach Lean-Agile Procurement with one of YOUR own cases
  • leverage hands-on agile techniques for more effective alignment around value, stakeholder management, sourcing, contracting & teamsetup
  • know with the help of the Heat Map where to start to make your agile team, business unit, function, organisation more competitive through significantly improved time-to-market with similar or better quality
  • be a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1), with a one-year membership in the LAP community

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What makes this course special

  • Apply YOUR own sourcing case during the course using the Lean Procurement Canvas. We will spend almost the whole 2nd day on this supported with one of our success stories.
  • Self-assess YOUR organisation with the help of our Heat Map, so that you know exactly where to start after the workshop.
  • A lot of learning & sharing opportunities by exchanging between the participants, elaborating about each others cases, challenges, pitfalls, etc.

Our Course Style

We like to get you the max out of it and adapt the agenda even towards your current topics, challenges and questions. We believe in an interactive workshop style with less slides, where we spend aprox 1/3 of our time in theory and the rest in applicable exercises, stories, exchanging experiences, etc. Most important it's always also a lot of FUN!

To support your online learning experience we’re using the latest technology like incl. breakout-rooms and our online whiteboard for maximizing interaction & exchange.

What You'll Take Away

What today´s purchasers and providers have to improve

Together, we discuss current developments in the market and your own organization’s partner ecosystem to assess advantages and disadvantages of common procurement.

Which improved solutions does the tech landscape offer today?

Take a tour of modern procurement’s status quo & see the industry trends driving the need for a new approach in sourcing services & products.

What's different with Lean-Agile Procurement & where to apply it?

Understand Lean-Agile Procurement as the approach, application areas of it and why collaboration is the key to build a partnership.

How different departments make use of Agile principles for better procurement

Learn how Agile made Tesla, Google, ING-DIBA and many others more successful and learn how procurement- & sales strategies can profit from that.

How Agile principles help you procure and sell the right things

Learn how the LAP Approach enables you to focus on the important services and products to procure/sell to improve time-to-market significantly with similar or better quality than today.

How to make use of the Lean procurement canvas for your own business

Together, we fill in the LAP Canvas with the help of a real-world scenario. Then, you can apply it for your own cases.

Course Audience

The workshop is designed for an interdisciplinary audience from every level of your organization no matter if you're on the buyer/supplier side, or in public/private industrie. You should join if you are:

  • are a leader that drives change and is looking for the new way of working even beyond company borders, e.g. as CxO, decision taker, process owner, scrum master, agile coach or change agent

  • commercial responsible and look for more effective approaches to find partners/products/services, that minimizes risk & maximizes business value/time-to-market e.g. as a commercial manager, business unit/product owner, head of Innovation/Delivery, strategic buyer

  • responsible for compliance/governance and want to support more agile contracts/partnerships by still being compliant in a highly regulated or public environment


Beginner to Expert - This workshop is valuable for lean/agile experts as well as procurement/sales beginners to expert. Basic knowledge in procurement, sales, or partner management and/or agile are an advantage. Take the unique opportunity to see the other perspectives and learn from each other!

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Date & Time
Monday, January 23, 2023
Start - 2:00 PM (Europe/Lisbon)
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
End - 6:00 PM (Europe/Lisbon)

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