Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices

With LeSS co-creator Craig Larman

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Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices Course with Craig Larman


What will you receive:

  • (Free) digital versions of the first, second, and third LeSS books
  • More LeSS learning (videos, etc) & Access to exclusive Agile Thinkers Academy Digital library
  • The course handout PDF and photos of everything created within the course that was on the walls
  • Contacts of all course participants
  • A course certificate & Agile Thinkers Academy Certificate of Attendance
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Slack community

The LeSS Practitioner Certification will expire after 2 years and will require a renewal fee.

PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)

Attendees may be eligible to apply for PDU towards their continuing education requirements with PMI


Learn with Craig Larman—the co-creator of LeSS—in this 3-day highly-participative course. Participants (senior managers, product developers, ...) explore a deep understanding of LeSS, Large-Scale Scrum, for lean & agile development with many teams working together on one product. We explore adoption, new organizational design, systems thinking & optimization, the role of management, and concretely how to work together in a Sprint at scale in terms of coordination, architecture, planning, and more. 

(Aside, but noteworthy: Course runs until 17:30 on all 3 days, including day 3; for certification, full attend​ance required)

Critically, we explore the Big Idea of more with LeSSsimplifying & descaling over "scaling", or... scaling product development by descaling the organization.

Perhaps most importantly and interestingly, this course runs mostly as a series of "at giant whiteboards" deep-thinking exercises involving systems modeling in small teams to explore why, so that people can own the ideas by discovering them for themselves, rather than "renting" the ideas. A focus on why and owning not renting are important elements of LeSS and how it's learned, and Craig emphasizes this in the course learning experience.

Join Larman for a deep dive into more with LeSS, based on his long experience with LeSS adoptions.



LeSS Overview

  • descaling and simplifying over scaling: more with LeSS
  • LeSS principles, frameworks, guides, experiments
  • two LeSS frameworks: basic & LeSS Huge

Systems Thinking & Organizational Design 

  • local versus global systems optimization
  • local optimization in backlogs
  • local optimization in product definition
  • local optimization in planning
  • local optimization in in analysis & design
  • local optimization in programming

Product Definition 

  • redefining the scope of product, and the impact on global optimization
  • portfolio management

LeSS Huge Framework

  • Requirement Areas
  • Area Product Owners
  • role  Product Owner
  • Area Backlogs
  • adoption

LeSS Sprint 

  • preparation before first Sprint
  • Sprint Planning with many teams
  • coordination & integration: from communities to architecture
  • scaling Product Backlog Refinement
  • scaling the Sprint Review & Retrospective
  • multi-site development


  • pre-adoption: building interest
  • the adoption guides
  • 3 principles
  • getting started
  • scope of first adoption
  • stories of LeSS adoptions 

More on LeSS Roles

  • Managers 
  • Scrum Masters 
  • Product Owner

Why LeSS?

  • simplicity
  • systems optimization
  • adapting to learn

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Date & Time
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Start - 8:30 AM (Europe/Lisbon)
Friday, April 28, 2023
End - 5:30 PM (Europe/Lisbon)

Fundação Oriente, Museu do Oriente

Edificio Pedro Álvares Cabral - Doca de Alcântara Norte
Lisboa 1350-352
--Fundação Oriente, Museu do Oriente--
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