Business Agility Foundation (ICP-BAF)

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Business Agility Foundation (ICP-BAF)


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With this course you'll be able to demonstrate an ability to articulate the values, principles, and dimensions of business agility. 

Business Agilists can formulate an action plan for applying agility in their workplaces and can appraise and use a variety of frameworks, tools, and techniques to jumpstart the organizational and individual transformation towards a more responsive, value-driven reality.

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of business agility in today's rapidly changing business environment
  • Develop a growth mindset that embraces continuous learning and adaptability
  • Implement agile principles and practices across all levels of an organization to achieve sustainable business agility
  • Develop action plans and utilize tools to accelerate business agility
  • Comprehend the agile landscape, including various agile frameworks and methodologies
  • Understand core agile principles and values, such as customer focus and continuous improvement
  • Learn about specific agile practices and techniques
  • Understand the importance of organizational culture and change management in fostering agility
  • Develop leadership skills to drive and support business agility initiatives
  • Gain insights into measuring and evaluating the impact of business agility initiatives


This course is ideal for:

  • Individuals: Gain a foundational understanding of agile principles and their application in various business contexts.
  • Consultants: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to guide organizations through the process of adopting agile methodologies and achieving business agility.
  • Team Members: Understand their role in an agile organization, enabling them to contribute effectively to collaborative efforts and adapt to changing requirements.
  • Managers: Learn how to apply agile principles to their teams and projects, enabling them to effectively manage projects in a dynamic environment and deliver value to customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Business Leaders: Gain insights into implementing agile principles and fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation to create a more agile and responsive organization.


This course does not have any pre-requisites.

Certification Credential:

Upon successful completion of this course, you will obtain the ICP-BAF certification.

Every ICAgile-accredited course includes hands-on learning. You'll need to actively participate in a live class to earn this certification.

What will you receive:

  • A high-quality instruction with an ICAgile Accredited trainer
  • ICAgile certification
  • Course materials
  • Access to exclusive Agile Thinkers Academy Digital library
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Slack community
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Certificate of Attendance

For detailed information regarding course policies, terms, and conditions, please visit our dedicated section.

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Date & Time
Monday, March 25, 2024
Start - 9:00 AM (Europe/Lisbon)
Thursday, March 28, 2024
End - 1:00 PM (Europe/Lisbon)

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