World Agility Forum Awards 2021

Here are the 2021 Nominees and Winners

The 2021 WAF Awards Nominees

The 2021 WAF Awards Winners

The Lifetime Achievement Award

It was introduced in 2017. It has been given to broadly accomplished Agilists every year since.

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award gain automatic entry into the World Agility Forum recognition book.

2021 Winners

Dr. Vinton G. Cerf and Dr. Robert E. Kahn

Cerf and Kahn developed a set of guidelines for data transfer using packet switching in 1980, calling those guidelines TCP/IP, or Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. The TCP part of the protocol is in charge of packing the data before it moves across the network and unpacking it once it has arrived. The IP component acts as the trip coordinator and maps the movement of information from its start point to its end point.


Winners Flash Interviews

Celfocus and Worten were two of the 2021 WAF Awards winners and we were glad to have both in person attending the exclusive gala dinner in beautiful Lisbon.

We invite you to watch their acceptance speech!


Agility in Product Innovation - Worten, Portugal


Agility in Service Design & Delivery - Celfocus, Portugal