Focused on business leadership. Behind the Forum is our "Fortnight Group", comprised of business leaders and executives such as Steve Denning, Curt Carlson, Darrel Rigby, Rita McGrath, and many others, who clearly see the challenges and vast opportunities for growth in our current dynamic business climate

Focuses solely on human behavior, organizational culture, team climate, and system design. It also provides valuable information on what to expect in terms of testing, usability, and other aspects of designing for humans.

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It's time to get insights that you need to better understand your people

Gathers the global agile community, practitioners, and experts that have been assembled in Lisbon every year since 2014 to create momentum for agile. This day is divided into three tracks, the Technical Agility track, to help and teach developers how to create software and code free of bugs; the Business Agility track to examine the different endeavors of Business Agility and what can organizations do tomorrow, and the Agile Across Organizations track, that seeks to teach how organizations can extend their agile efforts to their business partners.

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Join us for the World Agility Forum 2023 on September 22-26 at the Orient Museum in Lisbon, Portugal!