Our mission is to inspire a global shift in management thinking

Let's decode the success of the top 20% companies and explore how embracing new mindsets in management propels organizations to thrive—boosting productivity, staff engagement, and value for stakeholders. 

Join us on the journey to a new way of working, backed by leadership insights. Learn from real-world case studies, fast-tracking your organization's growth.

What will you learn by

Reimagining Management

Day 1 & 2 - September 19th & 20th

From 9 AM to 5 PM

The management paradigm that is driving the most valuable and fastest growing firms in the world.

How firms and individuals at all levels of the organization can equip themselves, and learn how to prosper, in today’s unpredictable context.

How this change has empowered firms to become more agile, efficient, and innovative, enabling them to attract top talent, win over customers more easily, and raise funds for ongoing innovation initiatives.

How leading firms and the Agile software movement must evolve further to address global environmental, social, and technological challenges and contribute by integrating sustainability, promoting social responsibility, and driving innovation in their practices.

What expects you at our

Day 3 - September 21st

From 9 AM to 1 PM

You can choose from 6 immersive hands-on Masterclasses led by experts from

around the globe, that will offer deep insights and concrete, practical takeaways.

a gala will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the conference and offer a formal black tie dinner, music, networking and a lifetime achievement award.

And to finish,

Gala Dinner

Day 3 - September 21st

"The World Management Agility Forum in Lisbon is not just a stimulating event in a wonderful city. It is designed to help organizations and individuals propel themselves to a new level of performance that benefits all stakeholders and society."

- Steve Denning

We're growing every year, 

and with that comes an

we started as Scrum Day Portugal, back in 2014, 

In 2018, we evolved to eXperience Agile,

In 2023, we ascended to World Agility Forum, 

And now, the World Management Agility Forum.

2023  First Edition of World Agility Forum

2021  First Edition of eXperience Agile

2014  First Edition of the Scrum Day Portugal
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