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The World Agility Forum (WAF)® seeks to recognize organizations worldwide for their effort, commitment, accomplishments, and dedication to achieving Agility



The WAF Awards 2021 will take place on September 24th, 2022

We are promoting a 100% in person Conference, with the option of watching it online.

Talks and panels from industry leaders will be followed by a formal awards presentation. Organization leaders from around the world attend this premier event each year.


The path to Agility is a huge challenge for most organizations and very few have been able to persist, succeed, and ultimately derive the benefits that Agile delivers.

The organizations recognized at the event will be selected in each category by the WAF Jury. The jury may recognize more than one nominee or may choose not to accept any. It will validate each submission and reach out to each nominee within 30 days to ensure completeness before proceeding to the next steps.

The process and criteria used to validate nominees will be consistent across all participating organizations. The nominees that do not qualify will be notified.

Selection will be based on:

  • The information provided with each submission (including answers to any additional questions);

  • The case study and/or video explaining the nominee’s motivation and story. These must include written references plus an explanation of the path taken to Agility and the value/benefits the nominee realized upon becoming more Agile.

Read our FAQ's for more information

If your nomination is accepted, you will be invited to participate in direct:

  • If you plan to attend the event, you’ll need to prepare a speech that is no more than 5 minutes in length;

  • If you will not attend, please record a 3-minute video that we can share with the audience.


Lifetime Achievement

Personally selected by the President of the Jury and the Executive Council — no applications are accepted for this prime award.

Leadership Agility

Awarded to an organization that has visibly transformed itself at all levels through the application of the Agile mindset.

Agile in Product Innovation

Awarded to an organization that has embraced Agility and design thinking in the innovation of its products and/or services.

Best Agile Place to Work

Awarded to an organization that is driven by Agile values and principles and is focused on employee and customer satisfaction.

Agility in Service Design & Delivery

Awarded to an organization that values continuous improvement of the customer experience in their products and/or services.

Community Organization

Awarded to an organization that is using Agility for social good and to make a difference in its community, its country, or the world.

Best Agile Transformation Initiative

Awarded to an organization that has visibly transformed itself at all levels through the application of the Agile mindset.

Best Agile-Enabling Organization

Awarded to an organization that has accelerated the Agility of their clients and customers to better recognize and react to changing markets.

Jury Selection

The President of the Jury, Evan Leybourn, has been selected by World Agility Forum (WAF) Council. He will issue a call for participation and may also invite specific organizations. The WAF Jury members are selected by the Council and the President of the Jury to ensure the stature, authenticity, and global perspective of the World Agility Forum.

Jury members are leaders in the community with undisputed credibility.  

Learn here how to apply

Jury Chair Evan Leybourn explains what the World Agility Forum Awards are about and how to apply. Learn what you to do to 

apply for the awards.