Kanban for Design and Innovation (KDI)

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NOTE: If you already completed the Kanban System Design and the Kanban Systems Improvement courses, you just need to attend 8h of this course. If this is your case, please See all editions and enroll in the KDI - 1 day extension.

Kanban for Design and Innovation (KDI)


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Shaping Customer Demand and Improving Upstream Kanban

You’ve got your Kanban system to manage delivery up and running. Great! Yet you still struggle to handle the incoming stream of ideas and requests, and now want to maximize the value you get through the delivery. 

The next step on your journey is to understand the multitude of options available to you through the Kanban for Design and Innovation (KDI) course.

Is Kanban for Design and Innovation the Right Course for Me?

The KDI course will address your pains and problems if:

  • You work as BA/PO and don’t feel KSI covers your part of the system fully.
  • You want to learn what’s before the commitment point and how to manage this work.
  • The upstream work is iterative or takes very long. You cannot visualize it as a pipeline.
  • Your backlog is 1,000 items. How should you know what to commit?
  • You ask how much time should you spend in upstream decreasing uncertainty? When can you start working on the requests?
  • You are product-focused and on the path to be a Kanban Management Professional (KMP).

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to scale Kanban wider across an enterprise.
  • Understand options and how this thinking helps to maximize value.
  • Learn techniques and approaches to actively manage incoming work.
  • Apply evolutionary change thinking when leading improvement in organizations.
  • Engage stakeholders from different organizational levels and departments in idea generation and decision making through pragmatic approaches.
  • Establish an Upstream Kanban system.
  • Apply Kanban practices upstream in order to establish a balance between the preparation and execution of options.

Course Audience

This course is suited for those who want to acquire solid knowledge about the core of the Kanban method, and want to improve upstream Kanban systems. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Managers and team members who want to get more out of their current Kanban system;
  • Product Owners, Business Analysts, anyone in the role of SRM or a Design and Innovation role;
  • Project Managers – to further their knowledge and application of upstream systems.


Attendees are expected to have read “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows.

Prior attendance in the Kanban System Design class is strongly recommended.

Certification Credential:

All participants will receive a certificate of completion for the Kanban for Design and Innovation course.

Students who complete both, this course and the Kanban System Design (KSD) course, are eligible for the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential.

What will you receive:

  • High-quality training with Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) Hugo Lourenço
  • Online Course materials
  • Membership of the Kanban University (KU)
  • Kanban University (KU) certificate of course completion
  • Access to exclusive Agile Thinkers Academy Digital library
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Slack community
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Certificate of Attendance

PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)

Attendees may be eligible to apply for PDU towards their continuing education requirements with PMI

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Date & Time
Thursday, February 22, 2024
Start - 9:00 AM (Europe/Lisbon)
Friday, February 23, 2024
End - 6:00 PM (Europe/Lisbon)

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