Dr. Delia McGabe

Delia McCabe (PhD) shifted her research focus from clinical psychology to nutritional neuroscience upon discovering nutrition’s critical role in mental wellbeing. 

Delia’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, she is a regular featured expert in the media, and her two books, translated into four languages, are available internationally. 

Delia uses her psychology background, combined with nutritional neuroscience and neurological perspectives to support behaviour change and stress resiliency within corporates and individuals via online courses, workshops, and tailored events internationally.

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Dr. Delia McGabe's talk: Thinking occurs across a sensitive and sophisticated neural network. Our neurophysiology depends heavily on lifestyle choices, which include the nutrients we consume. 

Other lifestyle factors, which include sleep quality, physical activity, and work and relationships, also impact this sophisticated network, although nutrition forms the foundation of our neurophysiology. 

It is therefore the first principle we need to address if we aim to maximise cognitive strategies such as agile, creative, and flexible thinking.

Dr. Delia McGabe's workshop session: Our prefrontal (PFC) is the most sophisticated part of our brain. It analyses data quickly, looks for patterns, and anticipates potential consequences and outcomes of actions. 

The PFC uses data to make sense of the past, via memories, skills, and knowledge, and to predict the future. It facilitates creativity by adjusting ideas according to circumstances and is therefore intimately involved in agile and flexible thinking. However, it is the most energy-hungry part of the brain, using 25% of the energy the brain requires, at only 10% of total volume. 

Without the application of specific and targeted strategies, the PFC quickly loses the capacity to concentrate and focus across the day, which undermines cognitive processing and output.

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