Delvin Fletcher

Delvin Fletcher joined the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2020. 

He is passionate about IIBA’s mission to lead the business analysis community and provide global standards of practice, so every person achieves more. 

Prior to joining IIBA, he served as Chief Information Officer with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario since 2017. His professional background includes membership association and not-for-profit experience, functional roles in operations and information systems, digital transformation oversight, and extensive consulting in both the public and private sectors. He brings experience from Ethoca Technologies, Xchange Technology Group, SAP Canada, Shred-it International, KPMG, and other prominent organizations where he acted in senior leadership roles. 

Delvin embodies what it is to be a business analysis professional: adept at listening and possessing the breadth of skills needed to achieve better enterprise outcomes.

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Delvin Fletcher's talk:

Being Nimble: Implementing Capabilities to Prepare for Change and Deliver Better Outcomes

This session is the official global launch of important survey findings on how to build an organization that outperforms competitors in key dimensions of success: operationalizing innovation, delivering superior value, operational efficiency, and speed of change. Backed by extensive research, this presentation will share findings from IIBA’s pioneering work, for the first time, initially titled “Being Nimble: The Critical Role of Business Analysis in Sensing and Responding to Change”.

Successful organizations foster a positive attitude towards change by anticipating it and purposefully planning for change. 76% of organizations surveyed by IIBA said they are focused on increasing the pace of change as a deliberate priority of the company.

Survival in today’s global economy requires organizations to be flexible and adapt readily to the ever-changing marketplace. Change has become the norm; it is inevitable. Organizations need to rethink their capability to change, and the role analysis plays.

Learning Outcomes:

- The modern context of change and the components needed to systemically change with both speed and precision.
- Characteristics of a nimble organization and how they alter performance to deliver outcomes.
- How maturity of Agile methodologies works together with mindset, characteristic, and business analysis for remarkable performance gains.
- Implementing core concepts to becoming a nimble organization.

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