Community Organization

Awarded to an organization that is using Agility for social good and to make a difference in its community, its country, or the world

Who should apply

Not-for-profit and community organizations. For-profit firms may apply if a significant focus is on using Agility for social good (rather than marketing or brand development).

What we are looking for

Organizations that have created a significant and positive social impact through the effective use of Agile and business Agility in their community or their regions.

Evidence required

  • Specific contribution to the community showing a non-profit orientation and volunteer “workforce”

  • Community testimonials

  • OKRs or metrics related to social impact

Find out the Winners from past Years

The World Agility Forum (WAF)® seeks to recognize organizations worldwide for their effort, commitment, accomplishments, and dedication to achieving Agility.

2021 Winner

Learn and Share English

LASE is a social institution that provides free English language classes and environmental education for children and adolescents in Peru and Latin America.

2020 Winner

Be Agile

Be Agile which is a boutique consulting company that prides itself in guiding and enabling our clients to thrive in a highly disruptive and evolving world through “speed of first to market”.

Be Agile partners with organisations to imagine and drive adaptive strategies that deliver accelerated and disruptive innovation as well as time to market. We facilitate the leveraging of internal expertise augmented by best-of-breed technology to ensure that our clients have the capabilities to deliver exceptional results now, and into the future.

They ensure that a robust and adaptive lean portfolio management capability is embedded integrating the combined efforts across the value chain for maximum IMPACT™. We developed the IMPACT™ Model to drive this integration.

2019 Winner

Acuna Consulting Inc.

Acuna Consulting help businesses grow and expand by leveraging the power of Agility in the organizations. In today's fast paced market driven environment it is important that organizations are using the most effective processes and techniques to create high performing teams to reach your company's vision. Acuna creates success by creating winning teams.