Best Agile Place to Work

Awarded to an organization that is driven by Agile values and principles and is focused on employee and customer satisfaction

Who should apply

Any organization

What we are looking for

Organizations where employees are proud to work, primarily as a result of the organization embracing innovation, Agility, high-performance teams, and employee empowerment. Employees consistently indicate that this organization is a Great Place to Work.

Evidence required

  • Employee satisfaction survey results

  • Employee testimonials and feedback

Find out the Winners from past Years

The World Agility Forum (WAF)® seeks to recognize organizations worldwide for their effort, commitment, accomplishments, and dedication to achieving Agility.

2021 Winner

MacQuarie, Australia

Banking and Financial Services (BFS) comprises Macquarie’s retail banking and financial services businesses, providing a diverse range of personal banking, wealth management, business banking and vehicle finance products and services to retail clients, advisers, brokers and business clients.

2020 Winner


A pioneer, incumbent, and leading regional online jobs portal operating across South East Asia and Hong Kong whose primary brands are and

To continue serving their customers, stay relevant, and compete against their global competitors, SEEK Asia needed to reflect, redo, and adopt new ways of working. Their approach was to intentionally democratize access to customers, data, and information; empower teams to set their own goals; ensure alignment to the overall company strategy and direction; create a safe working environment; promote learning as a goal; and improve organization-wide visibility.