Agility in Service Design & Delivery

Awarded to an organization that values continuous improvement of the customer experience in their products and/ or services

Who should apply

Any organization

What we are looking for

Organizations that place the customer at the center of their business strategy and — through continuous feedback — design products and solutions that meet their needs.

Evidence required

Description of channels used to obtain customer feedback

  • Example customer feedback or testimonials

  • Description of enhancements to the service based on customer feedback

  • OKRs or metrics related to service design and delivery

Find out the Winners from past Years

The World Agility Forum (WAF)® seeks to recognize organizations worldwide for their effort, commitment, accomplishments, and dedication to achieving Agility.

2021 Winner


Celfocus has grown from delivering experiences that combine technological domains and industry solution fillings.

2020 Winner

Flying Doctors Nigeria

While not a traditional Agile organization, Flying Doctors Nigeria demonstrated amazing customer service with quantifiable results: a 300% increase in their client base and a 90% reduction in operating cost through an Agile mindset and focus on customer experience.

Poor healthcare infrastructures, the high cost of emergency air ambulance services, and poor roads make it impossible for thousands of people with medical emergencies to get to hospitals without an air ambulance. To transform the world of emergency healthcare services in Africa, the Flying Doctors Nigeria initiated the “Emergency Transport Unit (ETU)” cabin project, the only indigenous service provider in Africa. Through nimble, self-organizing teams who are empowered to make decisions about ways to continuously provide the highest quality services to their customers, Flying Doctors Nigeria was able to design an advanced unit that can transform a small section of a regular scheduled commercial flight into an intensive care unit in just 10 minutes — ensuring the seamless transfer of critically ill people regardless of their geographical boundaries.